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vegas casino online Agri Disc Hub bearing units

Agricultural applications present considerable challenges for all mechanical components. Contamination, moisture, vibration and shock loads are just some of the factors which these components have to cope with. As one of the world’s leading bearing manufacturers, NSK has risen to this challenge.

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chris evans police The NSK Agri Disc Hub bearing units use double-row angular contact ball bearings which are capable of accommodating heavy radial and axial loads. The units are screwed straight onto the discs, with an O-ring set into the bearing housing protecting the bearing from contamination and moisture on this side. On the arm side of the unit, the bearing is protected by a cassette seal developed specially for this use. This seal has successfully withstood extensive testing and can even handle tough operating conditions like the use of liquid manure. In addition to this, the cassette seal prevents moisture and water from getting into the unit, even if the machine is cleaned with pressure washers after use. The bearings are also protected by a DDU seal. This stops lubricant from escaping, ensuring maintenance-free running. The Agri Disc Hubs use a high-performance lubricant developed by NSK specifically for conditions of this kind. Tested using a water jet for 200 hours. At the end of the test, there was no sign of water having penetrated the cassette seal.

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mascha og bjørnen dansk dame tasker fra spikes&sparrows Advantages for machine manufacturers:

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scourge the hedgehog and amy DEVELOPMENT
In addition to standard ranges, NSK offers solutions for specific customers and applications. The machine manufacturer does not need to invest in in-house development. Saves engineering capacity and development costs.

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Thanks to NSK’s experience and core specialisms such as seal technology, bearing design and the development of bearing assemblies there is no need for extensive tests on individual components and assemblies. The use of tried and tested technology provides additional safeguards. Savings: Engineering capacity, test benches – in some cases for individual components as well – field testing.

regatta aalborg 2016 PROCUREMENT AND LOGISTICS
Clients source a complete solution. There is no need for different suppliers and individual components to be audited and approved. Storage and materials planning for these individual components are also eliminated. Saves purchasing and procurement capacity and storage.

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There is no time-consuming assembly of various individual components: the Agri Disc Hub is mounted straight to the machinery.

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Defect analyses, diagnostics, etc. become superfluous. Defect analyses, repairs, guarantee.

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molen de adriaan fly til izmir turkey Advantages for farmers:

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royal copenhagen job PRODUCTIVITY
No need for repairs due to bearing failures caused by insufficient lubrication and contamination. This increases the machinery’s availability. Saves downtime, spare parts and repair service.

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Field tests have proved that the cassette seal developed specially for the NSK Agri Disc Hubs provides reliable protection from contamination such as clay, sand, dust, plant fibers, liquid manure and other fertilizers, water and moisture ingress. The cassette seal is also protected from stones by a steel disc. Saves bearing failures caused by contamination (increases service life by between five and ten times*).

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NSK Agri Disc Hubs are sealed bearing units with lifelong lubrication. This means there is no need for regreasing. Saves time and prevents grease leakage in the field (saves approx. 25 kg of lubricant a year and approx. ½ hour per day of use, depending on the machine*).

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pænt nej tak * All figures are the result of field tests in close collaboration with customers and internal investigations.